From processing to card programs: a turnkey offering.

Four Corner Network

Four Corner Network’ products and services include Prepaid Cards, Program Management Services, and Processing Services. These complementary offerings enable us to deliver turnkey solutions to our clients as well as a range of solutions targeted to specific segments and needs.

Card Products

Four Corner Products offers multiple prepaid Visa- and MasterCard-branded card products, including General Purpose Reloadable, Employee Incentives and Rewards, Health and Wellness, 
Loyalty and Rebate, Expense and Travel, Payroll/Comp, Student Disbursement, Single Use/Load, and Virtual Cards.

  • Single-Load Incentive & Reward Cards

    Bring the power of motivation to your organization

    When the time comes to inspire your people to new levels of loyalty and performance, financial incentives show that you’re serious. And now you have a choice that works even harder for you—and them—than cash or merchandise.

    With Four Corner Network, you can design a loyalty, reward or promotional program that gives your recipients the satisfaction of cash with more choices, greater safety, global acceptance and 24/7 support—all while satisfying your specific program objectives with unparalleled ease and convenience.

    How can Four Corner Network help your next incentive program take your team to the top? Let’s talk!

  • General Purpose Reloadable Cards

    A better way to connect with customers.

    In a world of rising bank fees and millions of unbanked and under-banked American households, prepaid cards are making more sense to consumers than ever. They like the hassle-free flexibility prepaid cards offer as well as the prestige that big-brand digital payment confers.

    With so many benefits, General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards make sense as a powerful tool for engaging and retaining your customers as rewards and incentives can be loaded as milestones are met over a long period of time. Four Corner Network can provide you with everything you need to operate the program that’s purpose-built for you.

    How can a reloadable program from Four Corner Network help you to be closer to your customers? Find out!

  • Payroll Cards

    Paying your employees just got easier.

    Greater convenience and lower cost: The benefits of a paycard-based payroll solution are big.

    For starters, you can eliminate the time and cost involved in paper-based payroll solutions while enjoying the outstanding levels of security and support. In addition, you can boost recruiting and improve retention among employees who don’t have conventional banking accounts. They will appreciate instant access to funds, an end to credit checks and check cashing fees, and added support such as free online account management and bill pay.

    Can a Four Corner Network paycard take your payroll to new places? See how!

  • Virtual Payment Cards

    All the advantages of prepaid—without the plastic

    Prepaid cards don’t need to live in the wallet. They can remain purely digital, too, offering the benefits of greater security and added control to you and your people alike.

    For users, making web- or telephone-based purchases, especially, where a physical card isn’t needed, virtual cards are smart and secure. With uniquely generated numbers, preset spending amounts and custom expiration dates, virtual cards are expressly designed for the digital payment world of today.

    Of course, virtual cards’ real-time reporting and enhanced management capabilities give you unprecedented levels of insight and control.

    Do you know all that a Four Corner Network virtual card can do for you? We’ll show you!

Program Management Services

Through the branded prepaid card programs we offer, we help our clients to achieve an array of business objectives. We support prepaid VISA and MasterCard EMV Debit and Prepaid Cards at every step from program design to processing.

Our services are essential to any organization that wants to take advantage of the benefits of a prepaid debit card for consumer or business-based use. These benefits include:

  • Security: Prepaid is more secure than cash and usage is limited to card balance as opposed to a line of credit.
  • Ease of Access: Prepaid does not require credit acceptance and requires only minimal identification details.
  • Spending Ease: Unlike cash, prepaid can be used over the phone or online as well as anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Branding: Organizations can brand their payments vehicle, which can build loyalty and appreciation for their affiliation with specific programs and services.To facilitate program creation and implementation for our clients, we manage the following processes:
  • Debit Card Program Design: Selecting the appropriate card type and required functionality
  • Card Design: Graphic design services that express the program’s purpose 
and visual brand identity
  • VISA and MasterCard Program Approval: Adherence to all legal and functional guidelines
  • Vendor Selection: Processors, Customer Interface and Customer Support
  • Implementation Support: Card launch, activation and usage.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring all programs fully satisfy state and federal laws as well as 
regulatory requirements for bank-issued products.
  • Program Marketing: Providing client support to grow Prepaid business

Processing Services

Our EMV processing capabilities enables Four Corner Network to deliver an integrated, turnkey Payments offering. As an EMV Certified Visa Processor for prepaid debit cards, we give customers an agile, cost-effective alternative to meeting their transactional and processing services needs. Our adoption of an EMV-first technology platform gives us significant first mover advantage over any provider who must convert a legacy platform to EMV.