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Our Companies

Four Corner Network

Four Corner Network

Four Corner Network, Inc. is a Fintech solutions provider that supports its subsidiary companies with crucial services to enable the companies to operate efficiently, fully leverage the company’s dynamic prepaid card and mobile payments processor engine, and focus intensely on their individual go-to-market strategies.

Four Corner Payments

Four Corner Payments, Inc. provides turnkey B2B payment solutions in incentive management, payroll and employee benefits, and expense management. At a time of industry consolidation and limited options, Four Corner Payments meets the need for a niche processor and payment solutions provider that offers program flexibility and customization.




VillageUp, Inc. is a consumer health and wellness application that leverages the power of a new kind of social network combined with a locally-issued and -used consumer payments card to change lives and foster healthy communities. VillageUp enables individual end users to quickly build a support network of family members, friends and care professionals administered by individuals they trust and respect. Payment cards used by Village members help to keep money in local communities while funding the individual villager’s training, treatment and support needs. Personalized storytelling and gamification minimize donor fatigue and card user churn. Reporting dashboards enable to track and manage the progress of the communities under their care. And the trusted rails of Visa and Mastercard support a level of transparency and trust that other P2P networks simply can’t offer.